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At Hops & Stem we allocate proceeds from our Support Local Brewery stickers to offer blog and social media services to local breweries. We help empower these establishments with enhanced online visibility, fostering growth and community connections that might otherwise be challenging for them to attain independently.

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Hops & Stem Wine and Beer Discounts Including NA Options

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Best Summer Wine

The Ultimate Liquor Discounts

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Hops & Stem is your upscale brewery, restaurant, & wine guide across the nation and beyond. Our team has visited restaurants, craft breweries, and wine bars / vineyards across the globe to bring you the #1 recommendations as well as the best online wine and beer discounts for your taste buds.

Wine and Beer Discounts

Craft Breweries

We are here to bring you the best breweries across the nation and beyond. At Hops & Stem we do the work so you don’t have to. We visit, taste, and review each and every brewery we recommend so you know which ones match your interests. From Stouts to Sours and even IPA’s we’ve got you covered.

Wine Options

Our wine connoisseurs have tasted wines across the nation and beyond so we have the expertise to bring the the highest rated wines as well as the best undiscovered gems. You can trust our team to help you find the right wine for your palette.

Wine and Beer Discounts
Wine and Beer Discounts

Best Restaurants

Let us help you find the right restaurant for the right time. From special occasions to casual experiences our team has put together a list of restaurants that will tease your tastebuds.


Hops and Stem
Hops and Stem
Hops and Stem

Best Craft Breweries Nationwide

Beach Camp Brewery Destin FL

Do you have a favorite brewery you want us to try out. Let us know! Our team is always open to exploring new craft beer options across the nation and globally.

Amazing Wine Locally and Internationally

Lemon Wine

Do you have a wine, specific vineyard, or wine bar you want to recommend? We are open to suggestions and would love to try out your favorites.

Top-Rated Restaurants Across the Globe

Austons on 98 Oysters and Beer

We are on the lookout for the best restaurants across the globe. No option is to large or to small. Let us know your favorites so we can check them out.