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At Hops & Stem we are proud to feature the best breweries across the nation and beyond. To become a featured brewery you must meet all quality standards and also offer multiple beer options. We also have a list of recommended breweries that you may enjoy as well.

Ghost Train Brewing Best Birmingham Brewery

Ghost Train Brewing Birmingham, AL

Ghost Train Brewing in Birmingham, AL, stands out as a must-visit brewery, weaving a tapestry of craft beer excellence and historical significance. Nestled in the heart of the city, Ghost Train Brewing pays homage to Birmingham’s industrial heritage with a unique and inviting atmosphere. The brewery’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its diverse selection of finely crafted beers, catering to a spectrum of tastes.

What makes Ghost Train a standout destination is its fusion of modern brewing techniques with a nod to the city’s storied past. The taproom exudes an industrial-chic charm, providing a welcoming space for patrons to enjoy not just exceptional brews, but also to connect with the local community. Ghost Train Brewing encapsulates the spirit of Birmingham’s craft beer scene, making it a must-visit for both locals and visitors alike.

Beach Camp Brewing Destin FL

Beach Camp Brewing Destin, FL

Beach Camp Brewing in Destin, FL, emerges as a must-visit haven for beer enthusiasts, blending the laid-back beach atmosphere with a commitment to exceptional craft brews. Located in the picturesque coastal town, this brewery offers more than just a sip of quality beer; it provides an immersive experience synonymous with the relaxed charm of Destin.

At Beach Camp Brewing, the emphasis on creativity is evident in their diverse and expertly crafted beer selection. From refreshing ales to bold stouts, each brew is a testament to the passion and skill of the brewers. The inviting ambiance of the brewery, coupled with its coastal vibes, creates a perfect setting for patrons to unwind and savor meticulously brewed beers. Whether you’re a local beer connoisseur or a visitor seeking a taste of Destin’s flavor, Beach Camp Brewing promises a memorable journey through its distinctive brews and the coastal spirit that defines this must-visit destination.

Mocama Brewing Company

Mocama Brewing Company Fernandina Beach, FL

Mocama Beer Company, nestled in the charming town of Fernandina Beach, FL, is more than just a brewery; it stands as a vibrant community center for individuals of all ages (as stated by Cali a beertender at Mocama Beer Company.) This establishment has carved a niche for itself as a must-visit destination, offering an experience that extends beyond the realm of craft beer.

At Mocama Beer Company, the ambiance is one of inclusivity and warmth. The brewery’s inviting atmosphere welcomes patrons to a space where connections are forged and memories are created. The diverse range of meticulously crafted beers caters to a spectrum of tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

What sets Mocama Beer Company apart is its commitment to fostering a sense of community. It serves as a hub for locals and visitors alike to come together, share stories, and enjoy the collective spirit of camaraderie. Regular events, from live music performances to community fundraisers, further solidify its status as a social epicenter.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or simply seeking a place to unwind with friends and family, Mocama Beer Company beckons with open arms. It embodies the spirit of Fernandina Beach, providing not just a beverage but a communal experience that resonates with patrons long after they leave.

Cultivation Brewing Norcross GA

Cultivation Brewing Norcross, GA

Cultivation Brewing in Norcross, GA, stands as a must-visit destination for enthusiasts seeking a unique and enriching brewery experience. Nestled in the heart of Norcross, this brewery goes beyond serving exceptional craft beers – it cultivates an atmosphere that captivates patrons. The attention to detail in their brewing process ensures a diverse and high-quality selection of beers to satisfy every palate.

Cultivation Brewing has become a local gem, attracting both residents and visitors with its welcoming ambiance. The brewery’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement sets it apart, creating a space where patrons not only enjoy outstanding beverages but also connect with a shared sense of purpose. From innovative brews to community events, Cultivation Brewing invites all to partake in a memorable journey through the flavors and camaraderie that define this Norcross establishment.

Atlanta Breweries

Eventide Brewing Atlanta, GA

Eventide Brewery has firmly established itself as a standout presence in the vibrant Atlanta beer scene. Its success can be attributed to a multitude of factors. Firstly, Eventide consistently produces exceptional craft beers that embody innovation and creativity, offering a diverse range of styles to cater to every beer enthusiast’s preferences. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and employing impeccable brewing techniques ensures a consistently outstanding product. Moreover, Eventide’s dedication to community sets them apart. Their inviting taproom creates a warm and vibrant atmosphere, fostering a strong sense of community and providing an unparalleled beer-drinking experience.

A visit to Eventide Brewery in Atlanta is a must for beer enthusiasts. Their premier craft beers offer innovative flavors that cater to all preferences. Combined with their commitment to quality, community, and a welcoming taproom experience, Eventide Brewery guarantees an unforgettable and immersive beer-tasting adventure.

Frog Rock Brewing Company

Frog Rock Brewing Company Austell, GA

Frog Rock Brewing Company stands out as a must-visit in the greater Atlanta area for its unique approach to brewing. Utilizing lithium water in their beer crafting process, they offer a truly unparalleled experience for beer enthusiasts. This innovative ingredient infuses their brews with a distinctive flavor profile, setting them apart from anything else available. Visitors are treated to an adventure for the taste buds, exploring flavors unlike any they’ve encountered before. Beyond the novelty, Frog Rock’s commitment to quality and creativity ensures a memorable and satisfying visit, making it a destination not to be missed for those seeking exceptional craft beer in Atlanta.

Hippin Hops Brewery

Hippin’ Hops Brewery Atlanta, GA

Hippin’ Hops Brewery, a black-owned establishment in Atlanta, GA, is a must-visit destination that seamlessly blends craftsmanship, culture, and community. This brewery stands out as a beacon of diversity and inclusion in the thriving Atlanta beer scene. Beyond the excellent array of craft beers, each sip tells a story rooted in a rich cultural tapestry.

Founded with a passion for brewing and a commitment to representation, Hippin’ Hops Brewery brings a unique perspective to the craft beer landscape. The atmosphere is one of unity, where patrons from all walks of life can gather, celebrate, and appreciate the art of brewing. With a dedication to inclusivity, this brewery not only offers a taste of exceptional beers but also fosters a sense of belonging, making it an essential stop for those seeking an authentic and culturally enriching experience in the heart of Atlanta.

Best Breweries Nationwide Naked River Brewing Chattanooga TN

Naked River Brewing Chattanooga, TN

Naked River Brewing in Chattanooga, TN, stands as an indispensable haven for beer lovers, offering a unique and memorable experience that transcends typical brewery visits. Nestled in the vibrant city, this brewery captures the essence of Chattanooga’s spirit, boasting a combination of exceptional craft beers and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The heart of Naked River Brewing lies in its commitment to brewing excellence. With an impressive array of finely crafted beers, from hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts, the brewery caters to a broad spectrum of palates. The dedication to quality and innovation sets Naked River apart as a destination for true beer connoisseurs.

Beyond the exceptional brews, the brewery serves as a social hub where friendships are forged and community bonds are strengthened. The inviting taproom creates an ambiance that encourages patrons to linger and share in the joy of craft beer. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to Chattanooga, Naked River Brewing beckons as a must-visit destination, promising a delightful journey through the flavors and camaraderie that define this exceptional brewery.

Fait La Force

Fait La Force Brewing Nashville, TN

Discovering Fait La Force Brewing, Nashville’s premier local brewery, promises a beer experience like no other. Founded with a commitment to inclusivity and excellence, this brewery exudes warmth and community spirit from the moment you step through its doors. Fait La Force offers an inviting ambiance where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their background or beer expertise. Here, you’ll encounter a diverse range of finely crafted brews, each one a testament to the brewery’s dedication to quality and innovation.

Beyond the exceptional beer, Fait La Force Brewing also serves as a hub for cultural exchange and camaraderie. Whether you’re sharing stories with fellow patrons or simply savoring a pint in the company of friends, a visit to Fait La Force Brewing is an opportunity to connect with the vibrant spirit of Nashville. So, whether you’re a local resident or a visitor passing through, don’t miss the chance to experience the best of Nashville’s craft beer scene at Fait La Force Brewing.

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