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At Hops & Stem we are proud to feature the best breweries across the nation and beyond. To become a featured brewery you must meet all quality standards and also offer multiple beer options. We also have a list of recommended breweries that you may enjoy as well.

Atlanta Breweries

Eventide Brewing

Eventide Brewery has firmly established itself as a standout presence in the vibrant Atlanta beer scene. Its success can be attributed to a multitude of factors. Firstly, Eventide consistently produces exceptional craft beers that embody innovation and creativity, offering a diverse range of styles to cater to every beer enthusiast’s preferences. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and employing impeccable brewing techniques ensures a consistently outstanding product. Moreover, Eventide’s dedication to community sets them apart. Their inviting taproom creates a warm and vibrant atmosphere, fostering a strong sense of community and providing an unparalleled beer-drinking experience.

A visit to Eventide Brewery in Atlanta is a must for beer enthusiasts. Their premier craft beers offer innovative flavors that cater to all preferences. Combined with their commitment to quality, community, and a welcoming taproom experience, Eventide Brewery guarantees an unforgettable and immersive beer-tasting adventure.

Hi Wire Brewing

Hi-Wire Brewing

Hi-Wire Brewing is a must-visit brewery for beer lovers. Their impressive lineup of meticulously crafted brews spans a wide range of styles, satisfying all tastes. With a welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and a commitment to quality, Hi-Wire offers a memorable experience that showcases their passion for exceptional beer.

Best Brewery Chattanooga

Naked River Brewing

Naked River Brewing stands out for their incredible beer creations. With a relentless focus on quality, they produce amazing brews that tantalize the taste buds. Their commitment to using the finest ingredients and meticulous brewing techniques ensures every sip delivers a delightful experience, making Naked River a true gem in the world of beer.

Other Recommended Breweries

Be sure to check back often we are always updating our list of recommended breweries.

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