Raising a Glass to Atlanta’s Hippest Brewery

Hip hop culture and craft beer come together at Hippin’ Hops Brewery & Oyster Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. Located in the trendy East village, this brewery is known for its unique brews and vibrant atmosphere. The brewery celebrates hip hop music and craft beer culture. They also recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary! Because of this we rate it Atlanta’s hippest brewery.

Atlanta’s Hippest Brewery – Hippin’ Hops Brewery & Oyster Bar

Hippin Hops Brewery Atlanta GA

Hippin’ Hops Brewery & Oyster Bar was founded in 2021 bringing a new flavor to the Atlanta beer scene. They have since created a variety of IPAs, pale ales, and other hoppy brews, including Baby Mama Drama an IPA that is well worth the drama of trying. The brewery also offers a rotating selection of seasonal and experimental beers that are excellent.

Best Brewery Atlanta, GA

In addition to its exceptional beer selection, Hip Hops Brewery is live music and events. The brewery frequently hosts live music and other events that showcase the best of Atlanta’s hip hop scene. Guests can enjoy a cold beer while listening to local hip hop artists spinning classic and modern hip hop tunes.

Hip Hops Brewery has also become a community gathering place, with regular events for the community. The brewery’s bar venue is the perfect spot to relax with friends and enjoy a beer on a warm Atlanta evening.

Atlanta East Village Breweries

If you’re looking for a unique and vibrant brewery experience in Atlanta, look no further than Hippin’ Hops Brewery & Oyster Bar. With its focus on hoppy brews and celebration of hip hop culture, this brewery offers something truly special that can’t be found anywhere else in the city. So grab a cold beer, soak up the atmosphere, and enjoy the best of both worlds: craft beer and hip hop culture.

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