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Nestled in the picturesque city of Asheville, North Carolina, Hi-Wire Brewing has become a beloved local institution since it first opened its doors in 2013. They have committed to crafting high-quality, innovative, and also approachable craft beer. These beers push the boundaries of traditional brewing, Hi-Wire has established itself as one of the premier breweries in the region.

approachable craft beer

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Top-Rated Brewery Asheville, NC

One of the things that sets Hi-Wire apart is its commitment to balanced and approachable craft beer. The brewery’s team of talented brewers are constantly coming up with new and exciting brews. Their creations challenge conventional notions of what beer can be. With exciting options such as Hi-Wire Lager, Barleywine and 10W-40 brews, there’s always something new and interesting on tap at Hi-Wire.

But what really sets Hi-Wire apart is its dedication to the local community. From its early days, the brewery has been deeply committed to supporting Asheville and the surrounding region, and it shows in everything from its sourcing of local ingredients to its partnerships with local organizations and nonprofits.

Socially Responsible Beer

One particularly notable example of this commitment is Hi-Wire’s “Fundraiser Friday” program, in which the brewery donates a portion of its taproom sales to a different local nonprofit. Over the years, Hi-Wire has supported a wide range of organizations through this program, from environmental groups to local arts initiatives.

Craft Beer Delivery With Free Shipping

Of course, none of this would matter if the beer wasn’t any good – but fortunately, Hi-Wire delivers on that front as well. Whether you’re a hophead, a sour enthusiast, or just looking for a solid pint of lager, there’s something for everyone at Hi-Wire. The exciting news is you can now get their approachable craft beers delivered directly to your door in 42 states at reasonable prices and free shipping with $65 orders. Don’t forget to use Code HOPSANDSTEM23 for 10% off your first order! With this level of convenience it’s easy to make Hi-Wire a regular on your beer-drinking adventures.

Best Craft Beer Asheville, NC

Hi-Wire Brewing offers a wide range of beer options that cater to every taste and preference. From its flagship Hi-Wire Lager, which is crisp and refreshing, to its award-winning Gose and Sour Ale series, which are tart and fruity, there’s something for every palate. The brewery also offers a rotating selection of seasonal and limited-edition brews, as well as a range of IPAs, stouts, and other styles. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find a favorite at Hi-Wire.

Local Brewery Asheville, NC

Hi-Wire Brewing is a shining example of what a local brewery can and should be – a community-focused, innovative, and delicious addition to the neighborhood. Whether you’re a seasoned beer geek or just looking for a fun place to hang out with friends, Hi-Wire is definitely worth checking out in person and online.

approachable craft beer

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Craft Beer Delivery Near Me

All in all, Hi-Wire Brewing in Asheville, NC is a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. With a wide range of award-winning beers brewed on-site, a spacious taproom with an outdoor seating area, and regular events and live music, Hi-Wire offers an authentic and memorable brewery experience. Order your Hi-Wire Beer today to get inspiration as you plan your next visit to Asheville, NC.

Don’t Forget to use Code HOPSANDSTEM23 for 10% off your first order!

And Remember orders over $65 ALWAYS receive free shipping!

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